Can l marry this lady?

This lady and l belonged to the youth group of our church and we became very close in the process and this led me to develop an interest in her.

Going by the advice of my parents that l should do well to keep my moral life above reproach, l ensured that l did not take advantage of any of the girls in church.

I decided to study the lifestyle of this lady after sometime before l will make a definite decision as to whether l will marry her.

With time, l discovered to my surprise that this lazy is the type who will not lift a finger in the house and does not know how to prepare food.

Though l am always in her company together with her elder sister, it has never crossed my mind to propose love to her as a voice kept telling me to take my time.

It was not quite long when l became aware of the enviable qualities in the elder sister and naturally, my attention was drawn to her.

 l have decided  to marry this elder sister instead of the younger one  l had  fixed my eyes on.

Though l have made up my mind to marry, l have not disclosed my intention to either of them.

Will l be wrong if l decide to marry this lady instead? 

William, Cape Coast.

Dear William,

How l wished the youth copied your example because this is the best way to study people, especially someone you will spend the rest of your life with.

That is why marriage counselors and parents always caution the youth to distant themselves from premarital sex because it is a way of promoting promiscuity and the complex problems associated with it. An intercourse would have made it impossible for you to identify her shortfalls and probably end relations with her.

It would have been impossible for you to marry this second lady if you had had an affair with the younger sister.

You are at liberty to inform this lady of your decision to marry her. The problem would have arisen if you had promised to marry the younger sister who caught your attention at the first instance.

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