Her love is still in my heart

Dear ObaaYaa,
We started friendship  four years ago on a good note and this was a delight to many  people.During the four years of our friendship, we visited each other at home and our parents and relatives had no problem with our relationship.
When l had surgery about two years ago, my lady was always there to render her support and services in whichever way she could and people admired her for that.
I was fortunate to get a job at Tamele in the Northern Region and she visited me on four occasions. Later, she told me that her father had disapproved of our relationship without assigning any reasons.
All attempts to persuade her to stick to our resolve to marry is unsuccessful and l am seriously disturbed about the latest events.
The love we have for each other is great and l do not know what step to take.
Kofi, Accra.

Dear Kofi,

I can imagine  how you feel about the change of events in your relationship. I find it quite interesting how your parents were in support of your decision to marry initially.

Since it is not possible to pinpoint what might have informed his decision to change his mind suddenly, keep calm and see how things will turn out to be finally.

Though you might have enjoyed each other’s company all these yearsand very certain of a lovelymarried life, things are going contrary to how you had planned.

All the same, convey your sentiments to your girlfriend and plead with her to convince some of her relatives to talk to her father to rescind his decision.

However, if this suggestion fails, then you have to end the relationship, though on a painful note.

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