She cannot keep secret

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I confided in a lady friend and narrated most of the chal­lenges I was having in my relationship with her. Surprisingly, what I thought I was sharing in confidence is now the talk of town.

I have regretted sharing my concerns with her.

Quite recently, she did a similar thing to a friend who did not take kindly to it at all.

Now she is in trouble and I have to come in to settle the issue.

She is a good friend though but the only issue I have with her is her inability to keep secrets.

How do I help her to overcome this habit?

Stevo, Tema.


Dear Stevo,

In the first place for how long have you known your said friend? Whether it has been long or quite recently, at least you should have studied her well enough before confiding in her.

Anyway, you have learnt your lesson and I hope next time you will see before you leap.

She has demonstrated that she cannot be trusted so you should be able to set a limit to the kind of conversations you have with her.

In order for her to overcome this habit without embarrass­ing herself, I suggest you have a talk with her on the need to control her tongue and also learn to appreciate the trust and confidence people repose in her.

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