She seeks my forgiveness

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am 27 and my girl friend is 22 years old. We have been friends for 10 months now but staying in different towns.

Recently, she came to me and complained that she had been sacked from the house by her father because she had a confrontation with him.

I advised her to stay with me, but was shocked to discover later that she had a boy friend who lived in the same community with her.  When l questioned her, she said the gentleman was a former classmate of her  elder sister.

l grew furious and threatened to sack her after which she apologised and asked for forgiveness. What action should l take against her?

Kwame , Accra.

Dear Kwame,

It is not advisable to accept somebody’s daughter to stay with you in the house without the knowledge of her parents. What steps would you take in case she falls into trouble?  You would put yourself in a serious trouble.

In view of what had transpired between father and daughter, the lady’s father would not be happy to hear that she is staying with you. You should let her go and apologise to her father.

If she is of good character and you are desirous of marrying her, you can forgive her, follow the right steps towards marriage, monitor her movements and advise her to focus on you alone.

As a man, you must help her to overcome her challenges since she is a young lady.


Mrs Mary Poku. God has favoured you with the opportunity to celebrate another birthday. We thank God for this wonderful occasion and pray that He will spread His arms around you and guide you all the days of your life.

From:  Mr  Joseph Kodzo Poku, your lovely  husband, Mr Derrick Jessi Poku,  Mrs Geraldine Amoabeng, Joseph Tawiah  Poku and  Richel  Atta Poku, your  children.

George Anku Kyekye. June 20 marked a memorable day in your life. As we join you to celebrate this day, we pray that God will answer your prayers and give you peace in your heart. Remember that your maker will always keep you under His protection and constant care. Belated happy birthday.

From:  Florence, Eric, Allan, Julie and Francis, your siblings and Albert, Deborah, Allan and Loreen, your children.

Ms Joycelyn Agyapong.  You recently celebrated your birthday and l would like to use this opportunity to express my endless love for you. May your dreams be fulfilled with much happiness. A belated birthday to you my sweet heart.

From: Eddie.

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