Should we throw our hands in despair?

Dear ObaaYaa,

We have been married for eight years and blessed with a six-year-old child. We have tried all we could to get a second child but to no avail.

My wife had two successive miscarriages which l did not understand.

Having employed the options available, I have the feeling that we have been destined to have one child and that is why my wife is unable to conceive again.

Kodzo, Takoradi

Dear Kodzo,

I sympathise with you in your desire to get the second child as a couple. Though you have indicated that you had employed all options available without success, you have failed to mention whether you have sought the assistance of a medical doctor or not.

Considering medical discoveries, it is retrogressive to depend on superstition instead of seeking the unlimited curative options modern medicine can provide.

A thorough medical examination will help rectify the problem and restore the joy that you are looking for as a couple. Therefore, it is unnecessary to throw your hands in despair.

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