This boy deceives my friend

Dear Obaa Yaa,

L have a close friend who is like a biological sister to me and with whom l share my dreams about life. She is in a three-year relationship with a boy of the same age, who to me is not dependable because he abuses her always. 

Despite the behaviour of this young man, my friend trusts him and tries to paint a nice picture to others that their relationship is well and cannot be allowed to fall on rocks.

Quite recently, they fought and he attempted to strangle her to death, but he was unsuccessful, after which she called me at dawn.       

The boy is not trustworthy because he keeps telling friends that he would not marry my friend, but comes around with sugar-coated words that he will do all within his power to marry her.

l must be frank that l cannot stand the double standard game he is playing with my friend.

While observers see the relationship as lacking credibility and, therefore, cannot last, she considers it as true love and has given her whole heart to him.

Can l impress upon her to end the relationship?


Dear Belinda,

You must be frank and tell your friend the truth about how you view their relationship.

Attempting to strangle her for no apparent reason should not be taken lightly. This gentleman can end her life if she fails to take serious view of current happenings in the relationship.

Judging from the utterances of the gentleman and what had transpired between them so far, it would be ideal if your friend ends the relationship in order to stay alive.

It is unfortunate she does not perceive what others see about their relationship.

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