I feel guilty of breaking-up

Dear ObaaYaa,

We got to know each other after having stayed on the same flat with our brothers for a couple of years while we schooled.  We exchanged greetings on the few occasions that we met and with time we developed the liking for each other.

At school, we had time to exchange letters and enjoyed the friendship that existed between us.  It became obvious to residents on the flat that we were close and were always found together whenever the opportunity was available.

Though l am the humble and quiet person, she was very pretty, more quiet, respectful, shy and would not like to look in your face.

Very much aware of our backgrounds and for the reason that we would like to benefit from our studies and make it in life, we settled on the point to abstain from sex till we married.

After some years, lpestered her for sex on several occasions and since she refused to comply, l later took a girlfriend.  This girl got pregnant only two months of our friendship, and since then, l have never known peace.

There were occasions that she insulted me in public to confirm what people told me after she had become pregnant that she was quarrelsome and troublesome.

Having gone through these problems, l have realised that l had made a serious mistake.

Is it possible to pacify my former girlfriend?


Dear Kwame,

It is good to note that you have admitted your fault and to what extent impatience has caused you to miss out on a pretty lady with a good character.

This will teach you that patience pays and there is the need to take many things into consideration before you take a major decision in life.

The possibility of convincing your former girlfriend to come back to you is slim, because you have a child with another person and it is not clear whether she will forgive you or she is married to somebody else.

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