She says she is high-class

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am a 25-year-old boy in one of the best universities in Ghana. I met a sweet, loving and kind girlfriend on campus who I love and cherish so much.

Unfortunately, she has started exhibit­ing a ‘high-class’ lady lifestyle on campus which has become a major concern to me.

She is always buying expensive clothes and accessories, and I have no idea about the source of the money.

I am also aware she can’t raise that money because she does not work and she’s not from a rich family either.

In fact, because of her background, I sometimes help her out with her school fees so I keep wondering where she gets that money to maintain her ‘high- class’ status.

I have confronted her about it severally and we always end up having a terrible argument.

I fear she is keeping ‘Sugar daddies’, though she keeps denying it each time I ask her about the source of the money.

She once claimed she earns the money from her holiday jobs.

Please help me solve this problem.

Gideon, Tamale.


Dear Gideon,

Your girlfriend is an intriguing character. She may be telling the truth about get­ting the money from her holiday jobs.

Meanwhile, if you feel she is not tell­ing you the whole truth and you suspect there may be more to it, you can talk to her calmly and educate her on the need to save some money.

You can let her know that the way she is spending the money is not the best and that, she was wasting the money on frivo­lous things.

As for having ‘Sugar daddies’, it is automatic that she might keep one if her friends on campus have some.

The best thing to do is for you to main­tain a level head and do not let the situa­tion affect your academic performance. If all efforts prove abortive, which is possi­ble, break up with her, put your energy into your studies and focus on a brighter future.

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