I’m afraid my mum will reject her

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am a young man of 35 years of age. I met a woman who is also in her 30s three years ago at a friend’s wed­ding. We have been dating since then.

She is a very intelligent lady, humble, hardworking and every man’s dream girl.

I proposed to her and I must say the lady loves me so much.

I want to take the rela­tionship to a different level. However, my mother does not support my decision because she dislikes her tribe.

The only barrier is that she comes from a tribe which my mother advised me against. Due to that, I have not been bold enough to mention her tribe to my mother.

I really wish to introduce her formally to my parents but I am scared of what my mother will say. How do I go about it? I need your advice.

Israel, Accra


Dear Israel,

Having someone who makes you happy is a good thing.

From your own words, your girlfriend is loving and caring and possesses all these admirable qualities. I think you should count yourself lucky and blessed to have gotten a woman in this pres­ent day with such pleasant qualities.

And it is obvious that you really love her; so I will ad­vise that you tell your parents the truth about her tribe.

Her tribe should not be a hindrance at all if she is a good woman.

She will definitely win the heart of your mother if she is a good woman as you portray her to be.

Moreover, you can talk to your mother about how good she is and explain to her why you need her as your future wife.

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