I am afraid to date

Dear Obaa Yaa

I am 23-year-old and a final-year stu­dent of the University of Ghana.

The frequent cases of husbands and boyfriends killing their wives and girlfriends scare me to fall in love.

Numerous videos with horrifying footages on social media handles have heightened my fears to the point that l have lost interest in falling in love.

Though l had been in relationships with some young men who loved me, l could not date any of them because of the occurrences.

I am scared I might end up being a murder victim.

After recovering from an abusive relationship four years ago, I have finally made up my mind to stay single than to fall in the hands of a wicked lover.

Please, what should I do?

Vida, Accra.


Dear Vida,

Although there are inci­dents of abusive relationships, some of which have ended up in murders as you have indi­cated, couples are making gi­ant strides in their marriages.

Some of them have turned shining examples for others to emulate so do not lose hope.

What you ought to do is to avoid sex in your relationship, since you are not married. Take time to study your lover or would-be partner and pray for God’s direction as you make your choice.

Above all, eradicate fear in your mind that the worse condition will befall you. Stay positive and do not allow the misfor­tune of others to disturb you.

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