I want to go back to my ex

Dear Obaa Yaa,

My girlfriend and I were in a relationship for five years. We had a mis­understanding, leading to a three-month break.

The misunderstanding was as a result of me taking too much alcohol and not saving for the future.

I know she wants the best for me, but I thought she wanted to control my life and make it unbearable for me.

This led to our break-up but I have regretted my ac­tions.

During the break-up, I got involved with another girl and unfortunately she became pregnant.

Even though I do not have any romantic feelings for her, her family is insisting I marry her.

On the other hand, my ex-girlfriend wants us to rec­oncile and get married.

To be honest, I love my ex-girlfriend very much. Her family knows me well, and she was there for me when I travelled overseas.

What should I do?

Sena, Nyakrom


Dear Sena,

Experience is indeed the mother of wisdom, and I am glad you have grown and learned from your mistakes.

I know you are currently back against the wall but my advice is to prioritise your girlfriend who is currently pregnant with your child.

Love can evolve over time, and I believe that in the coming days, you may develop romantic feelings for the new person in your life.

It is advisable to have an honest conversation with your ex-girlfriend, explain your current situation to her and ensure she understands that you are now involved with someone else.

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