I am fed up with my girlfriend

Dear Obaa Yaa,

My girlfriend and I have dated for five years. Recently, we had a misunder­standing which I admitted I was at fault.

I have personally visited her at home to apologise.

I have gone to her office, sent her whatsApp messages but it seems she has decided not to forgive me.

After the apologies, she is still giving me negative attitudes and ignoring my calls.

My aim for this relationship was to make her my wife but I am confused with her unforgiving heart and attitude.

What should I do?

Daniel Ofosuhene



Dear Ofosuhene,

Your situation is rather complex. De­spite your efforts to reconnect with her, it appears she has moved on and is involved with someone else.

Since the numerous attempts to apolo­gise and reconnect have failed, I suggest you leave her alone and move on with your life.

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