I made a wrong choice

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I started dating a young man in my neighbourhood. Inter­estingly, I became pregnant for him, without knowing him better.

The moment I got pregnant, I told him to go and see my family and pay the bride price.

He did the needful and I was so happy that he made me proud.

It has been hell for me after the marriage ceremony. He has become very authoritative and abuses me verbally.

Anytime there is a disagreement between the two of us, he would embarrass me whether people were around or not and later apologise.

I have moved out from my matrimonial home but my par­ents are telling me to go back because he is still my wedded husband.

What should I do?

Baaba, Sunyani

Dear Baaba,

My advice is that you consider reuniting with your husband. Engage him in a one-on-one conversation, accompanied by prayers asking for divine intervention to change him into the partner you desire.

Additionally, seeking guidance from reputable counsellors who will provide valuable insights to solving this problem.

By combining open communication, prayers, and profes­sional advice, you may discover the best approach to address the challenges in your marriage and find a path that brings fulfillment and understanding for both of you.

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