My mother in-law works at the mortuary

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am 29-year-old man who works in a reputable organisa­tion. I intend to marry my longtime girlfriend this year.

She has been through thick and thin with me and I love her so much.

During our conversation, she told me that her mother works at the mortuary.

I didn’t believe her earlier, only for her mother to tell me that she has been doing that job for the past 16 years and it is very lucrative.

I don’t believe I can proceed with the marriage. How can my in-law be working at the mortuary.

Alfred, Bogosu.


Dear Alfred,

I strongly recommend that you marry your long-time girl­friend, considering the shared experiences you’ve weath­ered together.

The occupation of your mother-in-law as a mortuary attendant should not be a determining factor in you have decision to marry.

Focus on the exceptional qualities you see in your part ­ner that led you to propose to her. Embrace the connection you share and move forward with confidence in building a life together, independent of external factors.

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