My wife has been discussing me

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I and my wife have been married for five years now, although we have known each other for over three years.

She is a banker and I am a journalist. We have two beautiful daughters.

The problem is that her childhood female friend who is not married yet has been worrying me to sleep with her. I told my wife about her actions and how she comes into our apartment whenever my wife is not around.

I personally confronted her and she told me my wife was the cause. She said my wife keeps telling her how good I am in bed.

Is it right for a partner to discuss a husband to a friend?


Dear Jeff

You have a very interesting but serious issue at hand.

For your wife to discuss such issues with a friend suggest they are very close and trust each other.

But that notwithstanding, it is not enough to make her friend take such an action.

In our clandestine moments, friends chat about a lot of personal issues based on the trust that exist between them so I would not blame his wife much.

My issue is with the way her friend reacted. It means she has always been ‘crushing’ on you but never mustered the courage to tell your wife.

I think you did very well by avoiding her and making your wife aware of what was happening. She will now know the kind of ‘serpent’ she’s keeping as a friend.

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